Prepare to be swept into a tempest of intrigue and danger as you follow Rosa Bodran through a stormy day that takes a sinister turn.

Rushing against nature's fury, Rosa is offered a tantalizing proposition: a virtual reality shopping experience promising ease, speed, and savings – as well as shelter from the horrific weather.

But as she delves deeper, Rosa discovers that this offer is not quite as it seems. 

The weather's fury is not a mere coincidence; it could be the predictor of impending doom.

Virtual reality turns out to be the least of her worries as she confronts a threat that could unravel everything she holds dear.

In this futuristic thriller, you'll grapple with moral quandaries and existential dilemmas that should matter to every one of us. 

Will you brave the virtual reality shop, and seduced by its promises? Or will you heed the warning signs and steer clear?

From the acclaimed author of Portico and The Illustrator’s Daughter comes a tour de force that pushes the boundaries of suspense, and plays with your sense of certainty. 

Are you ready to confront the unknown, and take on the future?