What if you were offered an easier, quicker and cheaper way to do the family shop?

Rosa Bodran is in a rush as usual. The ferocious weather is doing everything it can to prevent her getting on with her day. Then she’s made an offer she can’t refuse. 

A virtual reality shopping experience. 

The man promises it will be quicker. He assures her it will be cheaper. He tells her it will be more convenient.

It seems the perfect solution to picking her kids up on time, despite the freezing hail and wind.

But all is not as it seems.

The weather is a portent of something more terrible to come. Virtual reality becomes the least of Rosa’s challenges.

It could put everything she cares for at risk.

Would you take the virtual reality shop? Or is it best just to say no?

Dive into this futuristic thriller, and face some of the deepest questions about what you want your future to look like.

From the award winning author of Portico and The Illustrator’s Daughter, comes a book that shows this challenging writer at the cutting edge of what he does.