How to do effective public relations for your charity

How to write effectively for your charity’s marketing, publications and website.

A complete training course and tool kit for charities and the third sector

When it comes to getting media coverage for your charity’s vital work, how many of the following ring a bell?

  • I just don’t know where to start?
  • The media aren’t interested in ‘good news’
  • I don’t have any journalist contacts
  • I write dozens of press releases: they never call back

The truth is there are clearly defined rules and conventions to follow if you want to successfully get media coverage.

Get them right and almost guarantee the media interest you need.

Imagine the ability to generate media coverage for your charity in the magazines, newspapers and broadcast you want, for free, time and time again.

After nearly 10 years training charities on how to do great charity and not for profit public relations, I’ve distilled everything I know about effective charity media work into a simple, easy to use training course.

This course will work for you whether you’re approaching your local paper, a national radio station, a glossy magazine or a quality broadsheet.

Download this course now and you will:

1. Find out what journalists want from your charity and how to give it to them
2. Do less work! You get ready made templates and forms. Simply adapt and use to get great media coverage
3. Learn in your own time, at your own pace, in your own space
4. Achieve media coverage for every one of your stories, whether ‘newsworthy’ or not
5. Learn a tried and tested ‘system’ for approaching journalists successfully
6. Save time, effort and budget. Discover how to prioritise the media you approach, so you get the biggest ‘bang for your buck’

You get six packed training modules featuring everything you need to know about getting your charity’s story into the media:

1. Meet the Media
2. Aims Audiences and Messages
3. What Makes a Story?
4. Targeting the Right Media
5. Interviews
6. Preparing for a Media Crisis

Please grab your toolkit now by clicking the link below:

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