Brain Tumours and Cancer

  • This Book Won’t Cure Your Cancer
    “I think everyone should read this book. You will encounter people in your life dealing with cancer; whether they have it, had it or have a loved one who has/had it.” (Amazon review) “A calm, rational, and thoughtful book.” (Amazon review) “This book should be 
  • Glioblastoma – A Guide for Patients and Loved Ones
    “I would highly recommend this book for its information and straightforward and honest style.” ★★★★★ Amazon “We have learnt more from this book than the oncologists and the internet. Gideon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” ★★★★★ Amazon “Well written about a difficult 
  • Brain Tumours: Living Low Grade
    The patient guide to life with a slow growing brain tumour. Slow growing brain tumours change lives forever. This readable and moving non-technical guide is about living with a low grade tumour, a diagnosis given to thousands of people every year. Featuring dozens of personal