• Ninja of Air: A Hako Ninja Novel
    A fierce environmental campaigner is kidnapped, with criminals demanding a heavy ransom. But all is not as it seems. Hako and his fellow ninja find themselves embroiled in a scam that threatens the campaigner’s life and relations between powerful countries. With a police squad on 
  • Locked In
    Strap in for the latest novel in Burrows’ Who’s In Control? thriller series. Get your copy now for just £3.99 Your EXCLUSIVE signed paperback of Locked In for £12 London. A massive explosion leaves 11 people dead, hundreds critically injured and one man in a 
  • The Spiral
    Enjoy a claustrophobic character-driven thriller, with a clever twist. Please buy the E.BOOK directly from the author for just £3.99 now! What if the staircase you are walking down never ends? Four very different strangers are trapped alive on a spiral staircase, 129 steps deep 
  • Future Shop
    What if you were offered an easier, cheaper and quicker way to do the family shop? Download for FREE now! Rosa Bodran is in a rush as usual. The ferocious weather is doing everything it can to prevent her getting on with her day. Then 
  • The Illustrator’s Daughter
    What is any parent’s greatest fear? “From the award winning author of Portico, comes a novel that will challenge everything you thought you knew about your relationships.” Available in ebook, paperback and hardback from from all good bookstores. Please buy ebook directly from the author 
  • Portico: A Social Media Thriller
    Please buy ebook directly from the author for just £3.99p now! Buy your signed Portico paperback direct from the author – UK only, £13.00 What are you willing to share?How much are you willing to pay? “Portico is a thought-provoking thriller. I’m already casting the 
  • Ninja of Steel: A Hako Ninja Novel
    Kijo is a experienced urban ninja with a haunted past and unfinished business. When her top secret employer instructs her to take on The Tax Man, a gangster with a history of violence against women, she’s plunged into self-doubt. But the terrified communities and shops 
  • Ninja of Light : A Hako Ninja Novel
    He trained under the freezing Yamabushi waterfalls of Japan. Now he’s back to bring London’s criminal gangs to justice. Forty desperate people are about to find a new and brighter future when they are captured and forced at gunpoint into a shipping container. Their destination?