Ninja of Air: A Hako Ninja Novel

A fierce environmental campaigner is kidnapped, with criminals demanding a heavy ransom.

But all is not as it seems.

Hako and his fellow ninja find themselves embroiled in a scam that threatens the campaigner’s life and relations between powerful countries.

With a police squad on their tail, the ninjas are forced to execute secret skills with high tech weapons, to tackle some of the toughest criminals. Any wrong foot could mean a fall to their death.

Can the ninjas face their own demons and carry out their mission, without disobeying their ninja master?

Or are some things just too important to overlook?

Join Hako in this edge of your seat action thriller, the latest in the Hako Ninja Series.

Hold on tight, and whatever you do: don’t look down.

Book 3 in the Hako Ninja Series.

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