• Complete Charity Media Skills Toolkit
    Get your charity’s story told in all kinds of media. Welcome to the only comprehensive media skills training course for charities, covering everything you need to know about getting great media coverage for your organisation. Everything you need and more… Visit the Charity Media Skills 
  • Ninja of Air: A Hako Ninja Novel
    A fierce environmental campaigner is kidnapped, with criminals demanding a heavy ransom. But all is not as it seems. Hako and his fellow ninja find themselves embroiled in a scam that threatens the campaigner’s life and relations between powerful countries. With a police squad on 
  • Locked In
    Strap in for the latest novel in Burrows’ Who’s In Control? thriller series. Get your copy now for just £3.99 Your EXCLUSIVE signed paperback of Locked In for £12 London. A massive explosion leaves 11 people dead, hundreds critically injured and one man in a 
  • Your Life In The Metaverse
    Imagine a world where you pull on a headset, and everything you need is right there – in full, 3D virtual reality. Whether shopping, working, or playing a sport, contacting your friends or visiting a museum, you can do it all sitting right where you 
  • The Spiral
    Enjoy a claustrophobic character-driven thriller, with a clever twist. Please buy the E.BOOK directly from the author for just £3.99 now! What if the staircase you are walking down never ends? Four very different strangers are trapped alive on a spiral staircase, 129 steps deep 
  • Future Shop
    What if you were offered an easier, cheaper and quicker way to do the family shop? Download for FREE now! Rosa Bodran is in a rush as usual. The ferocious weather is doing everything it can to prevent her getting on with her day. Then 
  • The Illustrator’s Daughter
    What is any parent’s greatest fear? “From the award winning author of Portico, comes a novel that will challenge everything you thought you knew about your relationships.” Available in ebook, paperback and hardback from from all good bookstores. Please buy ebook directly from the author 
  • Portico: A Social Media Thriller
    Please buy ebook directly from the author for just £3.99p now! Buy your signed Portico paperback direct from the author – UK only, £13.00 What are you willing to share?How much are you willing to pay? “Portico is a thought-provoking thriller. I’m already casting the 
  • Ninja of Steel: A Hako Ninja Novel
    Kijo is a experienced urban ninja with a haunted past and unfinished business. When her top secret employer instructs her to take on The Tax Man, a gangster with a history of violence against women, she’s plunged into self-doubt. But the terrified communities and shops 
  • Ninja of Light : A Hako Ninja Novel
    He trained under the freezing Yamabushi waterfalls of Japan. Now he’s back to bring London’s criminal gangs to justice. Forty desperate people are about to find a new and brighter future when they are captured and forced at gunpoint into a shipping container. Their destination? 
  • Metaverse 101
    Are you ready for the metaverse? Your 101 need-to-know facts and ideas about the future of the internet. FREE BOOK FOR YOU NOW! This is your starter guide to the metaverse: what it is, what it might look like, the gear you’ll need, and what 
  • This Book Won’t Cure Your Cancer
    “I think everyone should read this book. You will encounter people in your life dealing with cancer; whether they have it, had it or have a loved one who has/had it.” (Amazon review) “A calm, rational, and thoughtful book.” (Amazon review) “This book should be 
  • Chilli Britain
    Do you insist on hot chilli sauce with every meal? If you like chilli plants, sauce, chocolate, recipes and a good bit of suffering, you’ll love this laugh out loud travel tale. Please buy the launch directly from the author for just £5.99 now! 
  • Martin & Me
    In 1998, Gideon Burrows left university with a degree in theology and no ambition to become a vicar. Instead, he became involved in the campaign against British arms sales to some of the world’s dodgiest regimes. It was a journey that took him onto the 
  • How to do effective public relations for your charity
    How to write effectively for your charity’s marketing, publications and website. A complete training course and tool kit for charities and the third sector When it comes to getting media coverage for your charity’s vital work, how many of the following ring a bell? The 
  • Write for Charity
    How to write effectively for your charity’s marketing, publications and website. Write for Charity is your easy-to-use guide to creating compelling copy for your charity’s publications and online presence. Divided into simple-to-follow tips and advice, the emphasis is on small changes you can make to 
  • Glioblastoma – A Guide for Patients and Loved Ones
    “I would highly recommend this book for its information and straightforward and honest style.” ★★★★★ Amazon “We have learnt more from this book than the oncologists and the internet. Gideon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” ★★★★★ Amazon “Well written about a difficult 
  • Brain Tumours: Living Low Grade
    The patient guide to life with a slow growing brain tumour. Slow growing brain tumours change lives forever. This readable and moving non-technical guide is about living with a low grade tumour, a diagnosis given to thousands of people every year. Featuring dozens of personal 
  • Men Can Do It
    Why do mums stay at home and dads go to work? Why do women treat men like idiots around babies? Where are all the new fathers we hear so much about? When he became a dad, Gideon Burrows didn’t realise other men didn’t do an