Men Can Do It

Why do mums stay at home and dads go to work?

Why do women treat men like idiots around babies? Where are all the new fathers we hear so much about?

When he became a dad, Gideon Burrows didn’t realise other men didn’t do an equal share, or that he could have got away with doing far less.

On his journey to fairer fatherhood he encountered dismissive midwives and father phobic workplaces, fanciful media stereotypes and patronising playgroup mums.

In this controversial, frank and funny parenting memoir, Gideon Burrows discovers the real reason men don’t do childcare. And what we should all do about it.

Not your traditional daddy-to-be book

On its search for answers, Men Can Do It reveals deeply ingrained fatherhood stereotypes, the role of the media, parenting books and celebrities, the politics of men and childcare, pregnancy and dads, and problematic paternity and parental leave legislation.

It questions women’s attitude towards fathers, sceptical mums at playgroups and pre-schools, old fashioned employers and society’s outdated attitudes to what fatherhood should be all about.

A book for fathers… and for mothers

Men Can Do It would make an ideal gift for a new dad or new mum (or a dad or mum to be). It offers a welcome antidote to the pastel-coloured, soft-focussed baby books that just don’t ring true, and the madcap dad memoirs that just reinforce the idea that men are idiots around babies.

Revealing and challenging, but funny too, Men Can Do It shows what good parenting really can be in a modern world.

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