Ninja of Steel: A Hako Ninja Novel

Kijo is a experienced urban ninja with a haunted past and unfinished business.

When her top secret employer instructs her to take on The Tax Man, a gangster with a history of violence against women, she’s plunged into self-doubt.

But the terrified communities and shops in London’s East End desperately need help and no-one else seems willing to stand up to him.

This second Hako ninja novel sees Kijo and Hakosan work together using their expert ninja skills and ancient traditions, along with high tech modern weaponry, to find the Tax Man, stop his cruel business, and punish him for his crimes.

But police are on their tail.

The Metropolitan vigilante squad are quickly learning more about the ninjas that always seem to be one step ahead, and are making them look like fools. The Chief is determined to pin them down this time.

Can the ninjas take down The Tax Man, escape the vigilante squad, and tackle the own demons that could put their whole mission – and their lives – at risk?

Enjoy another frantic action novel of secrecy, ninja skills, disguise and super intelligent tactics.

Take a deep breath. Bow. And let’s begin.

Book 2 in the Hako Ninja Series

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