The Illustrator’s Daughter

What is any parent’s greatest fear?

“From the award winning author of Portico, comes a novel that will challenge everything you thought you knew about your relationships.”

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Loving parents. A brand new baby girl. They should have been an ideal young family.
It doesn’t always turn out that way.

Matt Carron is desperate not to lose his perfect wife, but he can’t hide his jealousy when his daughter is born.

As Minnie becomes a toddler, he’s driven crazy by her tantrums. When she gets a jigsaw wrong. When she won’t listen or won’t eat.

When he has to pin her to the ground so hard she bruises her arms.

When Minnie becomes seriously ill, the family embarks on a desperate mission to understand the condition and its treatment.

But the couple have very different ideas about what will work, driving a gap between them so severe it could mean life or death for their daughter.

Can Matt finally comes to terms with the unbearable choice he’s been avoiding for twelve years?

His daughter or his wife?

The Illustrator’s Daughter is a heart-wrenching novel about the deep challenges all of our relationships might face, living with the decisions we make, and choosing between unbearable futures.

In a beautiful way it explores the story of a family which is facing some very hard times and helps ask difficult questions about how we would react under similar circumstances. I finished this book and then went to give my children a big kiss and hug Amazon *****

A brilliant book. Having several people in my life impacted by cancer the book really captured the feelings of watching someone impacted by cancer and the lengths we’d go to help them. Couldn’t put it down Amazon *****

This book took my breath away. Absolutely couldn’t put it down. Beautifully written, it explores some hugely emotional issues with honesty and grace. Can absolutely recommend. I will be seeking out other titles by this author Amazon *****

Honest, heartbreaking and unputdownable Amazon *****

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Buy your signed launch paperback direct from the author – UK only, £14.99

Please buy ebook directly from the author for just £3.99p now!

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