This Book Won’t Cure Your Cancer

“I think everyone should read this book. You will encounter people in your life dealing with cancer; whether they have it, had it or have a loved one who has/had it.” (Amazon review)

“A calm, rational, and thoughtful book.” (Amazon review)

“This book should be one of the first that comes up for anyone looking for information and experiences concerning cancer treatments and the scammers that will happily sell their DIY treatments and diets for profit.” (Amazon review)

Change your diet. Think positive and you’ll live. Doctors aren’t always right.

Get some experimental treatment. Watch this YouTube video. Read this article. Visit this website. It’s the chemo that’ll kill you, not the cancer.

There’s always a chance.

There’s always hope.

There’s no harm in trying…

When Gideon Burrows was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour, he found himself in the cancer twilight zone: a place where hope and wellbeing are exalted, and where truth and rationality are sometimes optional extras.

It’s a world where the dying are always bravely battling, survivors are venerated and where charities and wellness gurus are beyond criticism. It’s a place of miracle diets, self-healing and positive thinking.

When there are so many contradicting opinions and so much background noise, how do you separate the sane from the sound? How do you make decisions that are wise rather than wishful thinking?

This book challenges the very foundations of how we respond to the disease. It will make you angry, it may make you cry. It will make you feel hopeful and hopeless in equal measure.

Above all, though, it will make you think.

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