Your FREE Proofreading Tips for Independent Authors

Proofreading is simple right?

Just make sure you look over your work a couple of times, then send it to print, or to your editor, or to whoever is going to publish your work.


Poor proofreading can ruin the credibility of your work, make your editor doubt you’re serious about your writing, and if you’re independently publishing give you not only a punch in the guts, but cost you money to have the errors put right.

Good proofreading is a skill you can learn and perfect, but it won’t happen overnight.

There are rules and conventions you’ll need to get used to, and even then mistakes will get through.

Have you been consistent with your spelling?
Have you got your chronology correct?
Did you fact check that statistic?
Did your murderer start out with a knife and end up poisoning their victim?


It doesn’t have to be this way.

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It contains some of the biggest errors authors are making RIGHT NOW in their work.

Errors that lead to their work being rejected by agents and editors, passed over by potential readers and does lasting damage to their ambitions to be successful writers.

Don’t make those mistakes. These simple 20 Top Tips For Author Proofreading will start you on the road to great proofreading, every time.

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Gideon Burrows
Independent author and publisher